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new layout; school.

it's september... a time when all of the students are back at school. beaches are emptier now. malls are quiet... vacationers get into cars and drive to their distant hometowns.

this brings up images of old one-room school houses on hillsides. children bring apples to their teacher, and the clown of the class sits in the corner with a dunce cap on his head.

the bell rings and the children run outside to play... in the schoolyard that's currently blanketed in crisp leaves that have just begun to fall seemingly from the dark grayish sky.

i miss going to school up north. there were always little activities to do for holidays. we'd collect red, yellow, and orange leaves and make collages for our mothers. i loved riding the school bus. i wouldn't talk to anyone... i'd just peer out the window at the changing autumn landscape. snug in my heavy coat.
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