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new layout; thanksgiving

this time of year, the harvest, when the land is rich with crops and blanketed in color. we used to go for walks downtown to enjoy the slight chill in the air and the leaves beneath our feet. windows were adorned with children's hands traces of turkeys, foliage, and big pumpkins.

at this time, the air has a slight chill in it and thanksgiving is within reach. it instantly reminds you of pilgrims, big family dinners, parades, football games, and four-day weekends.

the holiday was always something to look forward to. everyone would sit around their table, talking and laughing- enjoying one another's company... filling their plates with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, casseroles, warm bread, and cranberry sauce.

and after the pies were served, the best was always taking a stroll down the quiet streets and smelling that for-off scent of cinnamon and burning firewood.

and the next day would be the biggest shopping day of year. the start of everyone's christmas lists.

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