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new layout; valentine's day!

a greeting card holiday. a reminder to show love and appreciation for those we may take for granted throughout the rest of the year. these cards, flowers, and candy are much more romantic when they're done without a reminder. but somehow i like the idea as a "day of love". as far as friends and family go, i like taking a day to let them know how much i really do care for them. maybe i am just being sentimental about a silly holiday because it is the first valentine's ever where i have actually been in love.

i remember when i was little, my dad used to give my sister and i a little box of russell stover's chocolates. it was a very sweet thing to do. and in grade school, i would pass out my little valentines to everyone in the class. the boy i had a crush on always got a little extra word or two in his.
in high school, they had "candy grams". i was always so pleased to get my little jolly ranchers and carnations from friends. and once in awhile, you'd get the unexpected secret admirer candy gram. though you always had an idea who it was from.

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